18 Mar It’s the year of the ///M

Every year it seems we work on a series of the same car and this year is no different.  The M cars this year are on fire and as most of you know we are big fans.  The M2 is new to the scene this year and it does not disappoint.

This car takes us back as it is reminiscent of the E46 M3.  It actually has the same dimensions as the former mentioned.   BMW opted to keep this car simple.  The list of available options is small.  They are fairly limited to the transmission type being DCT or Manual and some carbon fiber or black exterior accents.  All M2’s have the same interior leaving lots of room for the aftermarket to help you make an individual statement.  In addition, there are only four colors available further un-complicating things.

Performance comes from a 365 horspower, 3.0 Liter, Turbocharged, Inline 6 cylinder.  It propels this car to 60 in 4.1 secs which is a very impressive number.  We’re looking forward to increasing that number significantly in the future with some simple tuning upgrades and performance mods.

2017 BMW ///M2 with the Full Protective Suite


Recently we had two fine examples come through about the same time for protection and some tasteful aesthetic upgrades.  For us that’s always the best place to start so that your new car stays new and we don’t get bored to early on.  Both of our clients have experienced our protective solutions before on previous vehicles and we’ve made true believers out of them.  So much so, each client brought us their cars still in the factory transport tape to reduce the possibility of damage on the drive from the dealer to us.  They were both willing to place their excitement to drive their cars for a week because they know how important it is to protect them from day 1!  That’s also the way we like it not only because we get a near perfect car to work on but it’s also like Christmas every time we unwrap one.

Both cars underwent a mild paint correction before being coated with Ceramic PRO 9h.  Why paint correct a new car you ask?  Because most new cars are not “new”.  They have been handled in a high volume environment that sometimes doesn’t afford the manufacturer or dealer the time to “perfect” the paint.  The minor defects that remain is where we come into the picture.  If you’re going to add a permanent coating such as Ceramic Pro or any other long term coating on the market, you want to make sure what is underneath it is in the shape you’re going to want to live with for years to come.

While Ceramic PRO is great at reducing scratches, it’s not the best protection against road rash.  All of the impact zones on these two were protected with XPEL Self Healing Paint Protection Film to provide the best protection against what the road may throw at them.  What are impact zones?  They are the areas of the vehicle in the line of fire for road debris, salt, sand, pebbles etc.  The hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, headlights and rockers are directly in this line of fire.  Today’s vehicle designs most of the time also tend to bulge out before the rear tire as well and end up chipping as well.  So it’s always a good idea to have them protected as well.

Both cars were then Coated with Ceramic PRO Light, superhydrophobic coating to seal the paint protection film and give each car an unbelievable gloss and “self cleaning” effect.  This product changes the surface texture of the paint to little nanotubes which if you could magnify the surface looks like little hairs.  They reduce the surface area of contact with anything that lands on your car making it almost impossible to stick, thus the “self cleaning.”  Not only does your vehicle stay cleaner longer, but when it does need cleaning, it becomes effortless.


They both then took protection one step further as white one is planned to be a daily driver from CT to NY and the black one is intended to be driven often.  We opted for the extra assurance that the windshield will remain in tact on both with Bray 2 Layer WindshieldSkin.  Let’s face it, all windshields get damaged if you actually drive your vehicle.  The windshield is a structural member of your vehicle and is strongest only when installed at the factory using adhesives bonded to a fresh clean surface, not to the remaining, cut adhesive during the replacement.  When the product gets scratched or sand blasted, you just peel the first layer, exposing the base layer which looks like a new windshield.  If it get’s scratched or damaged within 18mos, simply come back and we’ll peel the top layer and add another 2 layers to the base layer for a total of three more layers for years of worry free driving.  How’s that for protection?

Once the full gamut of protection was complete, we focused our efforts on personalization.  That’s where the two cars took a separate turn.  We could write a book on all of these modifications but this blog is already long enough.   Just know we’re not all about protection but the whole automotive lifestyle. If you dream it we do it.  Here’s the shortlist of what we’ve done on each:

Black ///M2:

  • Black ///M Trunk Logo
  • Gloss Black Kidney Grilles/ Side Gills
  • Ceramic PRO Wheel & Caliper
  • Ceramic PRO Leather

White ///M2:

  • 3M Full Canopy Crystalline 40% Window Tint
  • Black ///M Trunk Logo
  • Black Chrome Kidney Grilles/ Carbon Fiber Side Gills
  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
  • Bumper Reflector Delete (front & rear)
  • Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler/Rear Diffuser
  • OEM Rocker Winglets
  • KW HAS Lowering Springs
  • Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flowform 20″ Wheels
  • Ceramic PRO Wheel & Caliper
  • Toyo T1R tires
  • Smoked Taillights
  • Joe Bonin
    Posted at 18:13h, 18 March

    “As Good as it Gets.”

    Have been fortunate to own a few cars in my time and have been detailing for over twenty years (still, have my first Porter Cable). When I lucked into an M2 with only a two-week wait in January I called Alex and Christian. I had met them a few years back at one of their events, and they helped me with a wheel balancing problem. I had seen examples of the work they do at various car shows and gatherings over the years and decided it was too cold, and I am too old for this one. Dropped car still wrapped and these guys went to work. I am extremely picky, and the final product, Automobilia delivered did not disappoint. The paint was polished to perfection, and the XPEL (wrapped on the front) is virtually invisible. Black cars are beautiful but tough to maintain; the task is easier when you start off right and continue to maintain after that. Great work guys, see you the spring.

    Joe B.

    • automobilia
      Posted at 19:21h, 18 March

      It always puts a smile on our faces when we get feedback like this Joe. It has been our pleasure to work with you on your M2 and we’re looking forward to whatever else you have is store for this little beast.

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