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Collision Repair

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At AUTOMOBILIA AUTO SALON we offer a variety of collision repair services.  Many of these services cross over into elective customization, but we also perform accident repair.  If you have any questions about your vehicle’s needs, please contact us. We offer complete collision repair services:

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  • Full Auto Body (Collision) Repair
  • Full Auto Body Painting
  • Custom Auto Body Painting
  • Frame Straightening
  • Insurance Claim Handling

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent”][vc_column_text]You can rest easy knowing our body shop professional technicians will restore your vehicle’s appearance and performance to pre-accident condition with our quality control checklist:

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  • Return vehicle back to factory specifications and restore OEM corrosion protection
  • Use factory approved methods to WELD REPLACEMENT PARTS to protect structural integrity.
  • Carefully inspect seams around fenders,hood ,grille and bumpers to ensure they meet factory specifications.
  • Confirm proper alignment of the suspension and wheels to maintain the original safety design.
  • Finish the job with our precision color matching techniques and quality paint that meets factory specs

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This 2024 Range Rover Sport came in for our signature painted brake treatment. 🔴🔴 We’re not shy about showing close-ups 👁️👁️. While we’ll admit powdercoating is the ultimate solution, you can’t beat the combination of speed, price and results of our brake painting process. PS, we offer both. When posed with both options and seeing the results in person, everyone chooses paint, it just makes more sense. 🤔🧐🗯️💬

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When it’s more than just a car…

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Stealth mode activated! 😎 Check out this sleek black 2024 Full Size Range Rover, converted with XPEL Stealth and rocking XPEL XR Window Tint for that extra touch of style. And let’s not forget those eye-catching Ferrari Rosso Corso painted brakes! 🔥 What do you think of this stunning ride? Drop your thoughts below! 👇 #RangeRover #XPELStealth #WindowTint #FerrariBrakes #SleekRide

When it’s more than just a car…

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Paint protection isn’t just for painted surfaces. It can protect daily wear and tear surfaces such as this McLaren carbon fiber door sill. Interior bits that scratch easily like your piano black center console or touch screen can now remain fresh and new without fear of scratching or wearing out. Ask us what we can do for your interior to keep that new car feeling lasting for years to come! #driveneweveryday #paintprotection #xpel

When it’s more than just a car…

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A U T O ▪️ C O U T U R E
Our good friend from Canada comes down again to have his Model 3 tailored to fit his personality.
🔘 Full Body Stealth XPEL self healing paint protection
💦 XPEL Fusion Ceramics
🛞 Vossen VF5 Wheels Wrapped in Michelins
⬇️ H&R Lowering Spring and Roll Bars
🔴 Painted Brakes
⚫️ Black Emblems
🤢 Carbon Fiber Truck Spoiler

When it’s more than just a car….

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