XPEL Paint Protection Film

Simply the best vehicle paint protection solution.

“Perhaps the best product you have never seen…”
– Motor Trend Magazine

XPEL Paint protection film, commonly referred to as clear bra or PPF, is a thin, self healing film of plastic applied to painted surfaces of your vehicle to protect them from scratches, chips, sap, bird droppings, salt & sand, etc. This proven technology has been available for over 25 years. Recent advancements have established this product as simply the best form of paint protection on the market today.


Why install paint protection film?

PROTECTION Provides a heightened level of protection against scratches, road hazards, bug entrails, bird droppings, sap, salt & sand blasting.

SELF HEALING In the event of a scratch that hasn’t breached the material, special elastomeric polymers in the film cause the surface to “heal” without having to do anything at all.

NO MORE SWIRLS Those same elastomeric polymers are at work all the time eliminating any minor swirl marks in the film that may occur from normal maintenance such as washing and drying.

CLARITY You cannot tell the difference between surfaces that are covered from surfaces that are not.  It is truly passive protection.

ADDED RESALE VALUE  Let’s face it, a vehicle that looks new will sell faster and offers more perceived value than a vehicle that looks old and worn.

WARRANTY A class leading 10 Year Warranty provides peace of mind your vehicle will look its best for years to come.  It covers you in the event of yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, or hazing. There is no difficult claim process.  We make warranty decisions on the spot should you need to exercise it.

INSURANCE Not only does it retain value but in the case of an accident, replacement cost is covered by most major insurance companies.  A true testament to the benefits of the product.


EXPERIENCE We are certified XPEL installers with over 22 actual not collective years experience in the paint protection and vinyl graphics industry. Our installation capabilities are second to none.

DEDICATION We are elite detailers by trade and the dedication to the pursuit of perfection carries over into every paint protection installation we perform.  Our loyal and long term staff have performed thousands of installations.

FACILITIES All vehicles are serviced on a lift at eye level to ensure the best possible installation. Our facility is well lit, clean, 4 Stage HEPA filtered, heated and air conditioned to maintain a consistent installation environment.

PREPARATION Each installation includes vehicle preparation (wash, decontamination, clay and buff if necessary) at no extra charge.

CAPABILITIES We carry rolls up to 72″ wide giving us the ability cover every surface of your vehicle.  Patterns are manufactured on-site from the class leading design database.  We even have the ability to repaint surfaces prior to installation upon request.

CONVIENIENCE We provide free courtesy cars while your vehicle is being worked on so you don’t need to coordinate a ride.  We also have world class trailer transport available.

SERVICE We have dedicated client advisors available to assist you through your entire process giving you answers to your questions when you need it.

Simply put, when it comes to paint and headlight protection, you’ll be glad you chose AUTOMOBILIA!

Want to take it a step further? Add XPEL Fusion PLUS Ceramic Coating to maximize protective performance and longevity, reduce maintenance, and enhance the beauty of your finish.  Read more here…

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XPEL Everything 🔥
2023 Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Full Body paint protection film!

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XPEL protection products at their finest💯

Check out this 2022 X3M after its yearly check-up & maintenance wash 🧼
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2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E
🔥 XPEL Fusion + Ceramic Coating

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XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film
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2019 Porsche Panamera GTS
➖ XPEL Full Body PPF
➖ XPEL Fusion + Ceramic Coating

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