The difference is in the details.

Detailing is the service for which AUTOMOBILIA first gained notoriety. This is never more evident than the fact that most of our new clients come by customer referral and professional referral (i.e. local body shops, mechanics and high end restoration facilities).  We’ve been at it now for 18 long years and getting better at it daily.

There are levels to detailing services that one must understand before choosing a service.  We have a reputation for only working on high end vehicles but nothing can be further from the truth.  We do excellent work which attracts a certain clientele.  We work on all years, makes and models with the same mindset.

At AUTOMOBILIA we have an auto detailing service for everyone.  To help guide you through our extensive offering, we categorize our services into three levels as follows:

Level 1

Express Detailing

Performed to achieve a result allowed by short or express timeframe.  These services are for clients who only need a quick but more detailed cleaning than a car wash service affords.


Exquisite Detailing

These services are performed to a more generous timeframe to achieve a deep cleaning of your vehicle.  Typical expectations on the exterior are to remove about 80% of surface imperfections.  On the interior, it is our job to make it hard for you to find a crumb.

Your vehicle is required at our facility for the day if not overnight.


Corrective Detailing & Permanent Protection

These services are performed to achieve a result without time constraint.  The expectation is to achieve exterior surface correction to above 90%.  These services may or may not also include the application of Ceramic PRO coatings to extend the life of the achieved result thereby increasing the value of the service rendered.

The vehicle is typically required at our facility for a full day to 3 days to achieve the result.

Level 1 Detailing
  • Express Sport Detail

  • $89and up
    • Approx. 45 Minutes
    • Water Beading Lasts 6 months

    • Hand Car Wash
    • Exterior Master Blaster Blowout
    • Final Microfibre Towel Dry
    • Ceramic Pro Sport Application
    • Tire Dressing
    • Door Jambs Wiped
    • Interior Vacuum
    • Interior Compressed Air Blowout
    • Interior Windows
    • 10 min Interior Wipe Down

  • Sport Maintenance

  • $189and up
  • Approx. 1.75 Hour

    Water Beading Lasts 6-12 Months


    Express Sport Detail Plus:

    • Decontamination of Paintwork (Iron X)
    • De-Tar – Clay Bar
    • Prep Solvent before application of Ceramic PRO Sport
    • Every surface inside the vehicle gets wiped clean with exception of the headliner and the seatbelts.
    • Please note that excessively soiled vehicles will not be eligible for this service.

Level 2 Detailing
  • Exterior Detail

  • $165and up
    • Hand Car Wash
    • Tar Removed
    • Clay Bar
    • Exterior Compressed Air Blowout
    • Microfibre Towel Dry
    • Collinite Wax
    • Tire Dressing
    • Wiped Door Jambs
    • Interior Vacuum
    • Interior Windows
    • Exhaust Tip Polish

  • Supreme Detail

  • $265And Up
  • Exterior Detail Plus:

    • Full interior wipe down with the exception of headliner and seatbelts

    • Light Exterior Compound
    • OR
    • Interior Carpet Extraction & Leather Clean/Condition

  • Ultimate Detail

  • $325And Up
  • Exterior Detail Plus:

    • Full interior wipe down with exception of headliner and seatbelts
    • Light Exterior Compound
    • Interior Carpet Extraction
    • Leather Clean & Condition

Level 3 Detailing
Prepare yourself for amazing!
  • Concours Detailing

  • Price to be determined
    • These packages are tailored to suit with your client advisor after vehicle inspection
    • We highly recommend you visit our Ceramic Pro page as we’ve found that most people in this category opt to extend the life of the extraordinary results we achieve with the application of this product.  To find out more click here

  • Contact US
  • Level 3 Detail

  • Paint Corrected & Protected with 4 Coats of Ceramic Pro 9H and 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Light

Available Upgrades

We know that one size does not fit all

Results that last longer with Ceramic Pro. After the level of detail you desire is attained, we can apply an 18-24 month Super Hydrophobic NanoTech coating by Ceramic Pro. This coating will glorify your paint and act as a more intensive and effective level of wax that is much more durable and longer lasting. Traditional waxes will give you only 6 months protection and that’s with good car care; Ceramic Pro Light will protect your paint and keep your car looking cleaner for 3 to 4 times longer!

  • Sap Removal
  • Overspray Removal
  • Leather Scrub
  • Convertible top treatment
  • Paintless Dent Removal and more…
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper
  • Ceramic Pro Sport
  • Ceramic Pro Light
  • Ceramic Pro Leather Sealant