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This week we had the pleasure of protecting local car enthusiast Rick P’s 2014 Mercedes AMG E63 S. For those of you who don’t know, the E63 was highly anticipated in the US due to it’s staggering performance statistics.  It boasts a sports car feel and enough horsepower (577 to be exact) and torque to beat out the Ferrari 458 Italia and Porsche 911 Turbo S. Its level of power, comfort, and spacious interior is exceeded by few. And it’s all wheel drive to boot.  The demand for fully loaded cars is what prompted AMG to make the S model available for buyers, essentially replacing the former AMG Performance Package.


“Updates to the E63 AMG are part of a larger makeover to one of Mercedes’ most important line of vehicles, the midsize E-Class. New styling front and rear, including striking headlights with LED technology, make the E-Class look like a whole new car for the 2014 model year.”– Matthew de Paula, Forbes Magazine Contributor.

When Rick brought his car to us there were only 67 miles on it. His main concern was protecting the front end and rocker panels with XPEL self-healing paint protection film, but once looked at under direct sunlight we found numerous surface scratches and imperfections on the entire car.  This translated into that conversation we’ve all had about how hard it is to keep a black car perfect.  Thankfully today there is a solution.  A luxury vehicle of it’s caliber should be preserved, it’s essence captured permanently with GTECHNIQ.  When we returned it to him, it looked better than the day he pulled it off the lot and it always will.

“Exellent service, the work was very professional and I love the results. I would recommend this to anybody!” -Rick, E63 Owner


  • 577 HP/590 Lb-Ft Torque V8 Biturbo
  • AWD (4MATIC)
  • Midnight Edition Trim Package
  • 200Mph Speedo Limited to 187 MPH
  • Full LED Package
  • Black Wheels
  • Panaramic Roof
  • Dynamic Seating




The process to prepare the vehicle for application is very time consuming.  Vehicle surfaces are first prepared by hand washing, followed by hand de-tarring and finally decontaminated with clay bar.  Surfaces are then inspected under high intensity lighting to determine the level of imperfection and a course of action to correct it.  Then begins the painstaking process of buffing the surface to the level of expectation set with the client.

The level of depth and shine you can achieve with the right combination of equipment and products is truly amazing.  We use the latest and greatest Rupes orbital buffing system which has the highest orbit of any buffing system available today.  Using proper technique, it is almost impossible for this system to leave the dreaded swirl mark in the paint.  Combine this with the award winning Mezerna professional polishing compounds, which are made for today’s harder clear coats and ceramic paints, the results speak for themselves.  All microfibre towels and buffing pads used, are brand new to avoid contaminants that may introduce scratches.  Simply put, no corners are cut in order to achieve the perfect finish.

Our trained technicians skills are honed to address each imperfection with a delicate yet deliberate approach.  Working small sections under high intensity light and sometimes with the assistance of a lift, they methodically correct the vehicles paintwork.  This step is crucial before applying C1 and/or EXO to the surface because Gtechniq is like taking a snapshot. Once cured, the surface is locked in it’s present state, permanently.

Once corrected, the vehicle is washed to remove excess compounds and prepared for paint protection film.  Installation techniques vary from installer to installer but we prepare our surface with the idea that you may have to remove it someday for some reason.  A release agent is applied to all surfaces for which the XPEL film is applied to aid in future removal.  Adhesive promoter is then applied to the edges of those surfaces where it is extremely important you have the strongest bond, especially where being wrapped.  The promoter helps increase adhesion of the material ensuring the success of the bond.

Paint protection film patterns are prepared in-house using a 60″ plotter giving us the ability to cover just about any vehicle surface with no seams.   The film is then placed on the vehicle using a gel solution that allows the film to float above the vehicle surface until it is in position.  The gel is then squeegeed out and once the film touches the surface, it adheres to the paint.   If the option to wrap edges is chosen, the vehicle is then left overnight to allow the edges to dry.  This option prevents the ability to detect the presence of the film once fully cured. [frame_left src=”

The next day, the edges are wrapped.  The vehicle is now ready for the application of the GTECHNIQ C1 Coating.  We start by again using fresh microfiber towels and a specially formulated GTECHNIQ PANEL WIPE which removes all silicones and oils that may be present on the vehicle surface.  It ensures the C1 CRYSTAL LAQUER will have nothing to prevent it from bonding to the surface.  The C1 is then applied to a fresh microfiber sponge and massaged into the surface panel by panel and wiped with no less than three fresh microfiber towels to achieve a uniform application.  Once complete, the vehicle is left to cure for a minimum of six hours before the next application of the EXO hydrophobic coating. C1 Crystal Lacquer coating acts as a paint hardener, not only making your car’s surface the equivalent of a quartz watchface, but also, intensifies the color of the paint.  During the first couple hours you can actually see the paint reflection get crisper and crisper as the product self levels out.  The original microfibre sponge and buffing towels must be thrown away because they become hard as bricks once the product cures.  Further proof of the strength of the product applied. After cure, the EXO hydrophobic coating is applied to further enhance the shine and help the surface shed contaminants with greater ease. If left outside or driving in inclement weather, debris will not stick to the vehicle’s surface. The removal of bugs and bird droppings is made simple with this coating as well. The EXOv2 application process is much like C1, except we coat the painted surfaces 2x and the paint protection 3x. The difference is in the details!

E63 on lift ready for prep
Xpel floating on hood
Buffing Clear Coat
C1 coating application
Install over hood w/ squeegee

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