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Through the 15 years of service here at Automobila Auto Salon we’ve offered top quality service with numerous products and until 2015 we’ve never offered a product such as Ceramic Pro Technology. We are now proud to say that we are Ceramic Pro Southern Connecticut. Certified in offering you a quality, customizable, and affordable, permanent coating for the exterior and interior of your vehicle, small vessel.
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We Are Ceramic Pro Southern Connecticut!

29 May We Are Ceramic Pro Southern Connecticut!

AUTOMOBILIA has been in the automotive scene here in Connecticut for 15 years.  Our primary focus has always been on vehicular aesthetics and protection.  For all of these years that service was primarily accomplished with wax and paint protection film.  Well times have certainly changed …and for the better.

About four years ago we started dabbling in coatings as a replacement for wax and the results have been nothing short of amazing!  After the first year of experimentation, we settled on what we believe to be the very best Silica Dioxide Coating system on the market today, CERAMIC PRO.  A coating so good it is actually listed on your CARFAX with each registered warranty because it adds value to your vehicle.

Four years later and after hundreds of paint corrected and coated vehicles, we are proud to be recognized by CERAMIC PRO USA as

the Official Licensed 


for Southern Connecticut.


Want to find out more about Ceramic PRO and what it can do for you?  Visit our Ceramic Pro Page here for more about each product as well as performance, lifestyle videos and a small gallery of our work.

Interested in more information or a quote for your vehicle, fill out the contact form below:

Examples of past CERAMIC PRO Installations

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